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Free education for children in need

What we do

A bilingual school for children in Las Galeras

In the early 80’s education was very precarious in this area of the Dominican Republic, with only a small “rancheta” with capacity only for the first grades of elementary school. It was not until the 90’s when a basic school was built from 1st to 8th grade and later for the 1999-2000 school year middle school education was started in the same building.

The children’s foundation of Las Galeras, Niños de Las Galeras, together with the DREAM Project of the city of Cabarete have put a lot of effort and dedication to opening a newly renovated bilingual school in Las Galeras. Today, our international and bilingual school “Las Ballenitas” is in the process of homologation, recognized and supported by the Ministry of Education. All our students are registered in the Education System.

We operate under the believe that a good education is the foundation of a successful life and the way out of poverty. We want to provide the children of Las Galeras with an opportunity that many of their parents did not have and give them a good start in life, teaching the young kids reading, writing and mathematics.

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Yamiris is the director of the bilingual school Las Ballenitas. Together with a team of educators she works to make her vision for the school come alive: 

Las Ballenitas is a basic, bilingual educational institution, that acts as a model for the community. Imparting a secular education and offering a school curriculum beyond the traditional one.

The teachers want to forge in our students an integral education, with the purpose of developing in them values, attitudes, concepts and procedures that allow them to participate in society in a critical and self-critical way.

Our goal is to form critical citizens with the ability to distinguish the good from the bad, the useful from the useless, and above all, with the ability to value life from the perspective of their own existence.

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Our educational basis

We want to achieve empathy in our children. To this end, our educators enjoy continuous training.
Proximity and involvement of the families of our students is also a fundamental element of the educational task.

Our goals in education

  • Respect for the individual’s human dignity, without discrimination for any reason.
  • Concern for each student in their evolutionary moment, attending to their uniqueness and responding to their needs.
  • Openness to the needs of the environment and the world
  • Quality in the transmission of knowledge that allows a solid scholastic base by applying an adequate pedagogy.
  • Good taste and good manners in the treatment of people and the care of things.
  • Sensitivity for the respect towards the environment and living beings of our planet and the importance of its conservation.
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Want to make a difference?

Help us raise money for our bilingual school Las Ballenitas

Together we have the opportunity to help many children in need.
Every donation, no matter how small, is invaluable and will enable us to continue our commitment and passion of the projects which we have started in Las Galeras.

How can you help us?

You can contribute with a monthly sponsorship of a child, a general donation of an amount convenient for you, or choose a specific area of interest within our projects that your donations should go to.
Donations can be made through PayPal, Credit Cards or via bank transfer.

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