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The foundation Niños de Las Galeras focuses on helping & educating minors living in the neglected area of Las Galeras and in the peninsula of Samana. The Foundation is an independent, secular, non-political organization, without discrimination of race, creed, gender, caste or political orientation. It is recognized internationally by the signatory agreements with Unicef and Unesco.

Our educational center ” Las Ballenitas” has a basic mission: to provide an education to our students, from kindergarten and nursery school, where they develop the abilities, skills, attitudes and values for their integral formation: fundamental competencies for their incorporation into society and for their lifelong learning. All to achieve the educational purposes set out during the whole educational period.

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Giving the gift of education, health and housing is what we can do to help. We have to step up and take the lead - others will follow.

Helping Women

We help Women become independent

We have started to help women to build their very own homes of cement blocks which, unlike traditional shacks, will not be damp ridden and blown away with the high winds. This has caused many to lose their hard earned personal possessions year after year.

The criteria is making certain the woman involved can obtain clear ownership of the land, with our help. Often the case here is the women build their homes and then the true owner of the land appears to claim the new house. The Foundation has managed to help 5 women to buy land and build their new stone houses, which have had an enormous impact on the families involved.

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